About us


Factory Brusnik metalware, which exists more than 45 years in Macedonia since 2015, has expanded into a new area that was promoted in front of many of their associates and friends.
In  factory we possess the most modern machines for profiling of sheet metal, and what is the latest in the market is  right there in the factory,as  trapezoidal sheet with double processing, as trapezoidal sheet in the form of geramida,endless gullies, performed and mechanical knee by American factory for the production of machine NIM and Liberty USA.
Many years of experience in this field complement the partnership with Kamaridis sandwich panel from Greece our offer is enriched with all kinds of steel pipes and profiles.

Brusnik company was founded in 1969 , like a small sheet metal shop in the old bazaar in Bitola, with main business producing gutters and fight for households. In 2002 it developed into a modern factory for production of a table sheet and today is the most modern factory for production and assembling of steel construction.

Brusnik sheet produces: trapezoidal sheet,flat plastic sheet, galvanized sheet, sheet tiles,  endless gullies, turbot, snow guard of galvanized strip, snow guard of plastic sheet, machine sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing to 8 meters.

The plastic trapezoidal sheet from  type: BRUSNIK- GR, MR and BRUSNIK- Brusnik – geramida,
Brusnik metalware. It is particularly suitable for covering the roof structure and cladding of walls.
The same roof or facade sheet and sandwich – a charge of dual-layer thermal insulation …

Perform covering roof structures and cladding of the facades. Installation is fast and simple which significantly reduces the investment for construction. A large selection of colors, fabrics from RAL card .The fabric is equipped with modern equipment for production of corrugated metal sheet , and accessories for tin roof structures that further enhance the quality of the roof. Their staffing enables quick and efficient installation of roof construction.

Brusnik factory possesses ISO 9001 quality certificate for the products and materials used in the manufacture of roof structures.Our staffing allows fast and efficient installation of roof construction.